Taking healthcare
to more spaces.

What we do

Mobile health clinics are an innovative approach to providing health services on the go. These mobile clinics are designed to bring health services directly to schools, communities and workplaces in need of an agile offering.

Mobile clinics play a critical role in improving access to health, promoting healthy behaviours and achieving early health diagnoses. By offering a wide range of services, mobile health clinics have the potential to transform the way we approach the delivery of health.

The problem we solve

Access to healthcare due to location, changing needs, and hard-to-reach areas.

Transportation barriers, lack of financial means, or shortage of healthcare providers.
Offer a solution to these challenges by providing healthcare services directly in the various places we serve – community, schools, and workplaces.

Who we solve it for

Community Health Workplace Health
Underserved and hard-to-reach populations
Those living in rural or remote areas
Serve as a convenient option for healthcare providers to make primary health easily accessible

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Towards a healthier workforce

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