Thought Series on Access to local treatment for remote Communities

Thought Series

Access to local treatment
for remote communities

Access to local treatment for rural communities

Communities in remote areas have long suffered from a lack of access to quality services due to historic spatial planning and their placement outside of the busy towns and cities where doctors, hospitals and clinics can be found.

Even in areas where hospitals are in close proximity to the communities which they service, they can be highly burdened with long waiting times, and worsened by poorly maintained equipment and a lack of adequate human resources.

This has often left the 45 million people who depend on these public health facilities without adequate or equitable access to proper healthcare.
However, this is all changing with the introduction of mobile clinics such as those provided by Innovo Mobile Healthcare.

Packed with state-of-the-art equipment, Innovo Mobile Healthcare’s mobile clinics offer the technological facilities of a doctor’s private practice or clinic to all communities, regardless of if they are in urban or rural areas.

Through the use of mobility, the company has been able to provide medical assistance at a community level and has brought healthcare closer to those who need it.
Innovo Mobile Healthcare’s professional personnel handle the administering of all medical services such as:
Workplace wellness Preventative services Clinical Services Diagnostic Services
Workplace health screening Mobile circumcision and HIV Prevention Primary Health Care X-ray
Wellness Mobile mammography screening Eye and dental clinics Ultrasound and CT Scan
Mobile cervical screening Day surgery i.e. Cataract, Urology, orthopaedic, and Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Specialists Mobile Endoscopy
By offering screening and treatment facilities to the various communities in which Innovo Mobile Healthcare operates, it has been able to decrease the burden faced by central and district hospitals. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals set in 2015, include the need for universal health coverage by 2030. South Africa has a long way to go, with unmet needs and unequal access still existing especially in our rural areas.

According to the Department of Health, 70% of all doctors and specialists only work in the private sector, with the remaining 30% servicing the public sector.

In the five years that Innovo Mobile Healthcare has been operating, it has provided over 53,000 clinical services and treatments, with more than 33,457
patients having registered with them. These treatments include 7,621 HIV tests conducted, 7,355 dental patients seen, with 3,340 eye tests amongst others done.

Mobile health clinics by their very nature can access even the remotest of areas in the country’s landscape. This innovation of being able to bring quality affordable healthcare to the doors of those who need it, is the key to ensuring that no South African citizen is left behind when it comes to quality healthcare.

Everyone has the right to access healthcare that is affordable, effective, of acceptable quality and most importantly accessible. The future of healthcare lies in the ability to be effective in reaching and servicing more people, a commitment which Innovo Mobile Healthcare lives by.

Everyone has the right to access healthcare that is affordable, effective, of acceptable quality, safe and most importantly accessible.


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